Housing Services

BRS Housing has in 2021 taken ownership of the Sisters of Mercy Campus in Doon Co Limerick. The Campus consists of a 33 Social Organic Farm, St Joseph’s Convent of Mercy and the former St Joseph’s Secondary School building along with a number of ancillary buildings. In terms of housing, the goal of the board of BRS is to convert the Convent into a supported living development and to convert the old Secondary School into residential accommodation for young mothers who are in an advanced phase of recovery and who are preparing to return to their caring role.

Social Organic Farm
The Convent Conversion

The Convent Conversion project (approx. 24,000 square feet) is well advanced with design complete, planning permission obtained, construction drawings complete and eTender for selection of building contractor just completed now.

The building will be converted to 23 apartments and a restaurant with community access, with occupants typically aged 50+ who may be isolated and wish to live in a more sheltered environment.

Subject to final CAS grant approval, we expect construction to commence in 2022.

The Secondary School

The Secondary School buildings (approx. 33,000 square feet) is a large building which until recently there had not been a clear plan as to how it could be utilised. We are delighted that we are now in a position to announce the introduction of a 6-month residential mother and child reconciliation program for young mothers from the Mid-West who have experienced substance abuse, are now in an advanced recovery phase, and need to re-engage gradually with their children. This is a wonderful program with superb outcomes both for the mothers and their children.

As well as local employment, the service will also include a crèche and pre-school facility which we hope to make available to the wider community. It is also of course a continuation of the long tradition of caring for the community and caring for children by the Sisters of Mercy Order.

The construction process for the conversion of the school buildings to 20 apartments, meditation rooms and consulting rooms is planned to take place in 2022.

The development will also include a new facility for the Doon Men’s Shed group who are currently located in the school building and a new facility for the Doon local GP practice.