Our Vision, Mission & Aim

Our mission is to identify and assist individuals who are experiencing physical, social and emotional isolation in rural areas, particularly elderly people.

Our vision is that people are aware of the high quality support delivered by BRS, covering a branded range of services that is client centred, empowering and which is owned, valued and used by the community it seeks to serve

Our aim is to combat the sense of isolation and loss experienced by many people living in rural areas, through a range of branded services, focussed on specific target groups. To date, BRS has concentrated on establishing services and supports centred predominantly on older people, however we are currently expanding our range of services to include isolated younger people and young parents. We do this by – internally – investing in staff skills, training and structures. Externally, we work with complimentary partners and learn from best practice. Together this enables us to empower and facilitate local people to take the next step towards improving their quality of life, by encouraging socialisation and community involvement.

Human Resources

BRS employs two full time coordinators and provides a range of supports and services to clients, through 38 staff, employed via FAS, to deliver its programmes of activities. We operate from two offices – one in Churchtown, Co Cork, the other in Caherconlish, Co Limerick – providing service coverage across the whole of the Ballyhoura area and surrounding communities.

Our staff offer a variety of levels and types of assistance and companionship to older people, ranging from one-on-one visits to facilitation of group activities to accompanying groups on outings. Staff come from a range of backgrounds and offer a broad range of skills and experience. All staff receive training relevant to their particular areas of expertise and interest and all must undertake core training in Occupational First Aid, Health & Safety, Elder Abuse Awareness and Group Facilitation Skills.

What do we do?

Our Community Support Workers offer different levels and types of assistance and companionship to anyone in our community that would enjoy it.

To give you an idea of the different types of support we can offer, the following are just some examples:

  • We can spend some time with you to chat, listen and laugh with you once or twice a week.
  • We can assist you in making phone-calls, chasing appointments or filling out forms.
  • We can accompany you on an outing or travel with you.
  • We can do small handyman jobs around your house.

We facilitate group activities where such support is beneficial / appropriate, when requested.

  • We can bring people who have shared interests together in groups.
  • Link individuals with existing groups.

Our staff can facilitate:

  • Sports activities
  • Art classes
  • Accompany groups on outings.

Our staff come from varied backgrounds with a board range of skills and experiences. We undertake staff training on an ongoing basis and all staff are required to undertake core training in Occupational First Aid, Health and Safety, Manual Handling – Patient Lifting, Elder Abuse Awareness Training, Group Facilitation Skill Training.

The company has all appropriate policies and procedures in place. The coordinator and Community Support Workers have all been Garda vetted.

How does it work?

When somebody contacts us, the coordinator will explain how the service works to them and in most cases will visit them to answer any queries that they may have. Every effort will be made to ensure that the client and Community Support Worker Are compatible.

The coordinator is always available should the client have questions or need support, or in the rare instance that the service is not working out.

How do you avail of this service?

To access this service, just call us or ask somebody in your community to contact us. We get referrals from individuals, family members, neighbours and members of the health profession.